Pars Mcs Company having one of the biggest line of production for high pressure storage tanks in IRAN and the modern one around the world with latest European technologies which has been activated with capacity of 100.000 production line units per year in Oshtorjan industrial zone, located in Isfahan.
We are able to manufacture all industrial storage tanks with 2.5 meter length and currently manufacturing CNG Gas Cylinders suitable compressed natural gas fuel with the capacity in range of 20-130 liters due to cover high domestic demand and market in Iran.
Pars Mcs co. has obtained the following local and international ISO certificates for products as:
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO TS/16949/2009
  • ISIRI 7598
  • ECE R110
These certificates/approvals could also be received for all foreseeing products with high pressure jobs.
Pars Mcs has been successful to supply 70.000 units of cylinder for the local market and vehicle manufacturers, despite of current restrictions, bans and sanctions of European suppliers since establishment.
None of these storage tanks have been rejected to the production line due to high quality assurance and considering all European standards which makes us is proud of our company.
Pars Mcs is now activating on manufacturing of CNG stationary storage cylinders on orders in capacities of 80 up to 100 Liters based on 450 Bars.
Our production line is able to examine the hydrostatic test up to 400 Bar and burst test will also be proceeding up to 700 Bar. For higher pressure tests, our production line could be equipped as per official orders.